Young Adult Life Initiative

On Sunday November 3, the North American Division Retention of Young Adults Building Block better known as Young Adult LIFE, was presented by Focus Group Members Benjamin Lundquist and Marquis Johns. They were introduced by Debra Brill, NAD Vice President and the presentation began with the six "Initiatives/Ideas" that the Young Adult Focus Group developed: We Are Ready to Listen, Small Group Communities, iCreate, Why Am I An Adventist?, The Locals and Mentoring/Campus Ministry. Benjamin mentioned the NAD Camp Ministry study and how Adventist Camp Ministry is one of the best ways to retain young adults in the church. The presentation also included a report from Clint Jenkins, PhD Vice President for Research for The Barna Group on the SDA Millennials Study. The NAD Year End Meeting delegates listened intently as Dr Jenkins shared the attitudes of SDA Young Adults (ages 18-29) towards the SDA Church, Doctrines, Lifestyles and Practices. He also shared stories of several SDA Young Adults and how their intergenerational relationships in the church had affected them in both positive and negative ways. He concluded by reminding the attendees that intergenerational relationships, especially mentoring type relationships between older members and young adults are crucial in the spiritual development of SDA Millennials and ultimately in their decision to stay or walk away from the church.


Barna Report Powerpoint | Barna Report Summary (PDF) | Handout/summary (PDF)

Our Response:

Presentation | Young Adult Ignition website

Music and Media Resources

  1. One Year Audio Bible - - Great resource for personal devotion, bible study, small group study, etc. It is a Bible narration by Tom Dooley using the New Living Translation. The entire Bible narration is available for purchase or you can use the FREE RESOURCE which is a daily Bible reading.
  2. AdventSource –www.adventsource.orgAdventSource is a comprehensive Seventh-day Adventist resource site. Find books, CDs, ministry supplements, and apparel here. AdventSource is also available to provide multimedia coverage for conventions, seminars, and other events.
  3. Adventist Music Gateway – Adventist Music Gateway is a partial database and profile source of Adventist recording artists. Biographies, sample clips, and contact information is provided.
  4. Sonscreen Film Festival – SONscreen was created by the North American Division (NAD) of Seventh-day Adventists to nurture Christian filmmakers in their craft, career development, and spiritual lives. Find related news, blogs, and entry applications on this site.
  5. Hymns and Favorites - Walla Walla College radio station.
  6. WGTS 91.9 - - DC Metro Radio station / streaming station hosted by Washington Adventist University.
  7. Angel House Media - - Non-Adventist Site - Recording artist Rebecca St. James is the host and face for this online ministry resource - Videoclips, DVD, media resources. AngelHouse Media, presenting the word in new ways we stimulate faith, charge it up, wake it up, even stretch it. Enjoy!
  8. Sermonspice - - Non-Adventist Site - Videoclips, DVD, media resources for illustrations. Looking for a short video to come along side your sermon? Sermonspice is here to offer you creative and inspiring choices to fit this need. Browse, search, and instantly download any video. Try our FREE video with no obligation
  9. Visual Reality Online - - Non-Adventist Site - Videoclips, DVD, media resources for illustrations. Visual Reality was started by a youth minister of 9 years who realized the power of Christ-centered positive media.
  10. Interlinc (Youth Leaders Only) - - Non-Adventist Site - Started in 1983 in the Word Records system, interlínc assists youth leaders in getting quality Christian music to their students. Our mission is to link the resources of the Christian music industry with the needs of your ministry.
  11. Igniter Videos - - Non-Adventist Site - Videoclips, DVD, media resources for illustrations. Short videos that ignite, captivate and deepen your experience with God.
  12. Faith Visuals - -  Non-Adventist Site - We're an online resource for preachers, teachers, and production teams. Here you'll find hundreds of high-quality videos, PowerPoints, and still images that can be used in sermons and projected during worship services, or incorporate them into your lessons, classes, and discussions.

Small Seed Big Tree

My name is David Bermejo. I am the director of the Orlando Spanish Adventurer Club in Orlando, Florida. I would like to share with you a story that is not only inspiring and encouraging, but a first-hand example of the great things ministry work does for our

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Youth Ministry and Evangelism

  1. General Conference Youth Dept.
    Find a list of sermons, ministries, and global youth events for the General Conference’s youth ministries department. New features include devotionals, blogs, and online newsletters.
  2. North American Division Youth Ministries –
    This newly updated website features a calendar, pictures, and features of youth and events in the North American Division. Sermons, podcasts, a social network and relevant links can also be found here.
  3. Center for Youth Evangelism –
    Based at Andrews University in Michigan, the Center for Youth Evangelism is an extensive youth ministry network offering a variety of evangelism opportunities for young people.
  4. Involve Youth Ministries – Insight magazine’s Steve Case spearheads this organization geared at engaging and involving young people in ministry. This site offers excellent program ideas (free), materials for sale, mission trip links, training workshop information, and news posting of upcoming events.
  5. Jesus Loves Jeans – Excellent evangelistic tool for discipling and challenging teens and youth to share the Gospel with their friends. Developed by 3 youth Pastors in 2006, this is one of the best resources for involvong young people in Evangelism.
  6. The Pastor’s DVD Volume 15 – This DVD is complete with videos, documentaries, ideas, examples, testimonials, and a wide array of resources for Young Adult Ministry. It contains too much material to list. It was a combined effort by the NAD Church Resource Center, Vervent, and the NAD Young Adult Ministry Dept.

Tithe - a Big Deal?

Tithe a big deal?Q:  Do I have to give tithe and offerings? As a college student I only get like $8 an hour. Besides, I’m saving for a mission trip!

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College and University Information

  1. SDA Universities –
    Find a complete list of all Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities here. Features of each school are discussed in depth and reviews from current and past students are posted. Addresses and contact information for each school is also provided.
  2. Adventist Christian Fellowship –
    Adventist Christian Fellowship is a site for Seventh-day Adventist college students studying on secular campuses to meet and connect. Available resources include campus ministry forums, a list of current Adventist Fellowship groups, and instructions for starting a campus ministry on a secular college campus.


AdventSource has been a strong partner to young adult ministry in conspicuously placing resources and services within easy access of church leadership at all levels. Robust online listings of young adult ministry resources, specialty catalogs, listserve services, inclusions in newsletters, speakers bureaus, event management, and resource development have been part of an enlarging array of tools available to support young adult ministry.

Fund Raising Ideas

  1. Adventist Review
  2. Thank God It's Sabbath

Books and Magazines

  1. Forty Days Wild: Training Camp for Spiritual Growth -  - Forty Days Wild  will take you on a 40-day spiritual journey. It is designed for use with a partner, mentor, or small group looking for spiritual transformation. Each day you will read a section from the life of Christ and a devotional thought, complete the exercise or challenge for that day, and reflect and share with your partner(s) about your experience.
  2. Adventist Book The Adventist Book Center is a one stop shopping center for Seventh-day Adventist books, magazines, and CDs, and teaching resources. Find online discounts here and clear, informative descriptions of the books you want before you buy.
  3. Guide Magazine - Guide magazine is published weekly by Review and Herald Publishing. Its mission is to show 10- to 14-year-old readers, through stories that illustrate Bible truth, how to walk with God now and forever.
  4. Insight Magazine – Insight magazine is a weekly Seventh-day Adventist magazine for teens. Weekly articles highlight issues of faith, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, biblical truth, and dating and relationships. TheFlow is Insight’s (regulated) social networking site and is accessible through this site.
  5. Hey Youth Preach The Word - This manual was written to help youth prepare for the wonderful and exciting world of preaching the gospel of Jesus. Contents include: What is preaching? How do I preach? Elements that influence what to preach, Pulling it all together, Airplane analogies for youth preaching, Creativity, Additional tips for successful preaching, Worksheets and resources
  6. Truth For the End Time -  This amazing website offers FREE download of many of Ellen G. White's books
  7. Changed: "Real Lives in a Real World" - -  Changed is the the book you've been waiting forand didn't even know it! It's a book about cold, hard realities (you might say R-rated).  It's not a work of fiction, because hearsay is not allowed in the court of life.  Eleven writers testify about their lives and their truths; their messes and their messages.  Read their stories and find out why it makes so much sense to give Jesus a try.  Changed is targeted as a youth sharing book, and youth will certainly identify with these stories, but anyone who reads them will be moved and inspired.
  8. Youth Ministry Accent -  - Youth Ministry Accent is filled with ready-to-use programs, ideas, and strategies to help you impact the lives of those you serve. In addition, every issue of Accent has cutting edge advice from youth ministry experts to help your ministry grow.
  9. 24/7/365 One Year in the Word -  - This is the year you’ll read your Bible through and then wonder why you’ve never read it all the way through before. Of course, it helps to crawl into Dwain Esmond’s head and watch how things play out from his inimitable perspective (go ahead, look it up!), which makes it almost painless! Seriously, you’ll encounter some people in the Bible who act just like people you know. People who asked hard questions and dealt with some of the very same issues you struggle with. And through it all, God’s tough decisions reveal a Creator deeply invested in His creation. (Yeah, God’s faced some pretty hairy situations too. Remember, He’s working with humans here.) So carve a few minutes out of your hectic schedule to spend some time in God’s Word every day. You’ll be blown away by how not boring it is!
  10. Out of the Shipyard -  - Out of the Shipyard is a philosophy of youth ministry based on seven essential benchmarks that foster enduring growth for young people. Each chapter includes a nautical metaphor and a biblical discussion, followed by stories and practical ideas. This book provides a coherent model that enables youth leaders, Sabbath school teachers, parents and pastors to know what to do with young people, and more importantly, why.

Bible Studies

  1. Creative Bible Lessons From the Life of Christ - - These 12 ready to use, lively lessons make scripture digging a lot of fun. Learning games, art projects, thoughtful worksheets, hilarious handouts, and challenging simulations and scenarios with skits and role-plays make this a great resource for Children's Ministries or for junior or youth groups.

  2. Walking on the Edge - - Thirteen interactive Bible studies for Adventist students in public high school.

  3. It's My Choice - - Age-appropriate baptismal class presentations for juniors, Ten studies to help kids understand the 27 fundamental beliefs and the 13 baptismal vows of their church, Special sections to help teachers understand the way kids think, Ideas for unforgettable baptismal services.

  4. AdventSource – AdventSource is a comprehensive Seventh-day Adventist resource site. Find books, CDs, ministry supplements, and apparel here. AdventSource is also available to provide multimedia coverage for conventions, seminars, and other events.

  5. Adventist Book The Adventist Book Center is a one stop shopping center for Seventh-day Adventist books, magazines, and CDs, and teaching resources. Find online discounts here and clear, informative descriptions of the books you want before you buy.

  6. ChristWise Discipleship - - This discipleship curriculum shows juniors, teens, and youth how to be Christ's disciples and how to disciple others. Fitzgerald has put together a carefully thought out, field-tested method of working with young people. Lessons accommodate the stages of emotional, mental, and spiritual development of that age group. Each 128-page book includes 22 doctrinal lessons. The leader's guide (336 pages) includes information for all three age groups.



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