Books and Magazines

  1. Forty Days Wild: Training Camp for Spiritual Growth -  - Forty Days Wild  will take you on a 40-day spiritual journey. It is designed for use with a partner, mentor, or small group looking for spiritual transformation. Each day you will read a section from the life of Christ and a devotional thought, complete the exercise or challenge for that day, and reflect and share with your partner(s) about your experience.
  2. Adventist Book The Adventist Book Center is a one stop shopping center for Seventh-day Adventist books, magazines, and CDs, and teaching resources. Find online discounts here and clear, informative descriptions of the books you want before you buy.
  3. Guide Magazine - Guide magazine is published weekly by Review and Herald Publishing. Its mission is to show 10- to 14-year-old readers, through stories that illustrate Bible truth, how to walk with God now and forever.
  4. Insight Magazine – Insight magazine is a weekly Seventh-day Adventist magazine for teens. Weekly articles highlight issues of faith, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, biblical truth, and dating and relationships. TheFlow is Insight’s (regulated) social networking site and is accessible through this site.
  5. Hey Youth Preach The Word - This manual was written to help youth prepare for the wonderful and exciting world of preaching the gospel of Jesus. Contents include: What is preaching? How do I preach? Elements that influence what to preach, Pulling it all together, Airplane analogies for youth preaching, Creativity, Additional tips for successful preaching, Worksheets and resources
  6. Truth For the End Time -  This amazing website offers FREE download of many of Ellen G. White's books
  7. Changed: "Real Lives in a Real World" - -  Changed is the the book you've been waiting forand didn't even know it! It's a book about cold, hard realities (you might say R-rated).  It's not a work of fiction, because hearsay is not allowed in the court of life.  Eleven writers testify about their lives and their truths; their messes and their messages.  Read their stories and find out why it makes so much sense to give Jesus a try.  Changed is targeted as a youth sharing book, and youth will certainly identify with these stories, but anyone who reads them will be moved and inspired.
  8. Youth Ministry Accent -  - Youth Ministry Accent is filled with ready-to-use programs, ideas, and strategies to help you impact the lives of those you serve. In addition, every issue of Accent has cutting edge advice from youth ministry experts to help your ministry grow.
  9. 24/7/365 One Year in the Word -  - This is the year you’ll read your Bible through and then wonder why you’ve never read it all the way through before. Of course, it helps to crawl into Dwain Esmond’s head and watch how things play out from his inimitable perspective (go ahead, look it up!), which makes it almost painless! Seriously, you’ll encounter some people in the Bible who act just like people you know. People who asked hard questions and dealt with some of the very same issues you struggle with. And through it all, God’s tough decisions reveal a Creator deeply invested in His creation. (Yeah, God’s faced some pretty hairy situations too. Remember, He’s working with humans here.) So carve a few minutes out of your hectic schedule to spend some time in God’s Word every day. You’ll be blown away by how not boring it is!
  10. Out of the Shipyard -  - Out of the Shipyard is a philosophy of youth ministry based on seven essential benchmarks that foster enduring growth for young people. Each chapter includes a nautical metaphor and a biblical discussion, followed by stories and practical ideas. This book provides a coherent model that enables youth leaders, Sabbath school teachers, parents and pastors to know what to do with young people, and more importantly, why.


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