Prayer and Bible Study

The following ministries in the North American Division Youth Ministries Department have a primary focus on facilitating, training, and encouraging Prayer and Bible Study




World Prayer Congress ~ Just Claim It

The Just Claim It (JCI) Prayer Movement is about young people praying and claiming their cities for Christ.  Come and be blessed by the Gethsemane experience, anointed speakers, Bible reading marathon, street ministries, leadership development, spiritual music, Biblically-based drama, exhibits, community outreach parades, recreation, and more -- JCI will change your life forever!  Scheduled every other year.


Pathfinder Bible Experience

Hundreds of our youth and Pathfinders enjoy the challenge of being pushed to the limits with this, game-like "Bible Bowl" ministry.

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Young Adults empowered to worship, pray, lead, and serve.

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Prayer Huddle

We are empowering young people within their local churches to simply meet together after the worship service in their church, and huddle in prayer for themselves, their church, their ministry, their community.  This is a student-led, student-empowered initiative.


Bible Reading Marathon

Just Claim It Prayer Congree attendees can attest to the power of meeting together to read the Bible from cover-to-cover.  Learn "how" at the upcoming Just Claim It Prayer Congress, then return to your local church and empower others to join you in this epic marathon.


Upcoming Initiatives:



The World Prayer Congress (JCI) takes place ever other year.  This initiative will begin at the 2012 Congress -- asking participants to intentionally pray over the next 24-months for the 2014 Prayer Congress event.


P3 - Pathfinders Praying for Power

Every day at the International Camporee, 1-2 teen Pathfinders from each club commit to meet with NAD Leadership to specifically gather and pray for God's power to surround the event, the participants, and the spiritual outcomes of the event.  Once Pathfinders return home, teen Pathfinders are encouraged to continue the initiative by praying each week at club meeting to pray for God's power within their club, church, and community.



Previous Events:

Just Claim It -- Dallas Texas, 2007


Just Claim It  2 -- Columbus Ohio, 2010


Just Claim It 3 -- Greensboro North Carolina, 2012



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