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"The Update" eNewsletter, March 2014 JCI REPORT

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Just Claim It

Thousands gather in Miami, Florida for Just Claim It 4
Youth Prayer Conference

One thing is for certain, Miami, Florida was not a bad place to be in February given the challenging weather conditions this winter. More importantly, for nearly 4000 to gather on Sabbath for worship at Just Claim It 4 was the best reason for being in Miami. Since 2007 approximately every 24 months thousands of youth have gathered for prayer, worship, community outreach, and leadership training to keep them connected to Jesus and the mission of the church.

Nearly 900 registered as official delegates from Miami to Romania. Delegates were blessed by two daily worship experiences, 6 workshop sessions, over twenty outreach opportunities, a Garden of Gethsemane prayer experience, fellowship with other youth, nightly concerts, and a Sabbath Community Rally (Motorcyclists Blessings and anointing).

One group of youth were especially excited about what took place during their beach clean-up. They were wearing their JCI shirts and as a result, people were asking for prayer on the beach. For example, members of the Miami Beach Police Department asked for special prayer for spring break which is their busiest time of the year. The kids prayed with them and were pumped! It is so exciting to see the glow in young people's eyes when they have a testimony of how they have seen God move in someone's life.

Taking away nothing from the past, everybody agrees that all of the speakers were the best combination ever. The theme text was Matthew 6:33 – "Seek first the kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added unto you." One of the things added was "the Call to Ministry." Somehow God just knew this was the time to really connect His spirit with these youth through the speakers. I was just in awe as I saw God move during each general session. A total of over 600 young people responded to the call given by each speaker. Youth directors and pastors met them at the altar each night to pray with them, embraced and encouraged them to remain faithful when they returned home. Many of them have indicated that they are now interested in the call to ministry and are seek further counsel. We praise God for His goodness.

It was also encouraging to see pastors leading their youth to JCI. Among many, I would acknowledge Pastor Efren Hernandez from the Broken Arrow Church in Broken Arrow, Ok who drove over 24 hours in a van to bring his youth to JCI. Pastor Cory Jackson, Sr. from the Burns Church in Detroit who brought over 30 from his church and Pastor Jeff Warfield from the Takoma Park Church in Takoma Park, MD who has brought his youth to all four JCI prayer conferences and is looking for to California in 2016. We also want to honor the many youth leaders on all levels and donors who supported our youth and young adults to benefit from the JCI experience.

We give a special shout-out to Washington Adventist University for their special contribution. Their talented students represented WAU well. We say thank you to WAU for modeling Adventist higher education at JCI. We are also appreciative to those who participated as exhibitors.

Ignition Young Adults Report

Prayers on the Beach - JCI4A conference within a conference, young adults from around the division and abroad were blessed with two days of power in a separate area. Over 300 young adults walked through the doors and benefited from the powerful presentations and worship experiences. and drew many closer to Christ. Speakers like Brad Lomenick, founder of Catalyst, Myron Edmonds, Eddie Hypolite, Dan Jackson, and others really encouraged and challenged young adults to remain faithful in the faith. The evening café was filled with excitement and praise that was second to none. The Ignition goal and objectives were met when a young adult shared that he was barely holding on and Ignition blessed, motivated and reignited his sense of purpose for Jesus.

Our young adult coordinators, Benjamin Lundquist, Lavina Seawright and Alejandra Torres did a fantastic job making this a successful conference in that it reached out and met the critical needs of young adults. The plan is for Ignition to take place on an annual basis given the urgency with youth and young adult retention in the church. The initiative that will provide for this opportunity is call Young Adult Life and you will be hearing more this in the near future as it is one of the six strategic building blocks for the North American Division.

A Young Adults Blog About Ignition

Vimeo / Evening Programs 

Trash CleanupNAD Vimeo "Day in Review" from JCI4

Each Day, the JCI4 Communications Team produced a video highlight of the JCI4/Ignition program.

JCI4 Program Videos
Hundreds enjoyed each program in person, and thousands more experienced the unforgetable sermons and presentations via online streaming. Now you can experience JCI4 programs. (Note: Because of copyright, music performances are not a part of any video / download)

View the Programs here

JCI4 Photos Available on Facebook
"Like" then access over 600 photos from JCI4/Ignition.

Just Claim It Resource Available This Summer!

JCWhere Do We Go From Here?
Where do we go from here? We realize that not every youth or young adult can attend a national convention for many reasons and that major are attending. We are pleased to announce that JCI can now be realized in your local church. The new Just Claim It Youth Prayer Resource will be available later this summer. Most churches do not have a youth prayer ministry yet prayer is so vital to sustaining ones faith in God and the church. JCI now becomes a 24/7/365 movement worldwide for anyone who wants to connect with this network of youth prayer warriors. Please pray with us that God will use this resource to help combat the challenge of youth and young adult attrition in the Adventist Church.

Finally, what defines the power of JCI is when one of the band members who is not a member of the church but was invited by the worship leader to participate in JCI, gave his heart to Jesus during one of the meetings. I guess he was too close to the power on the stage to not realize the call of God on life. To God be the Glory for what great things He has done.

JCI4/Ignition Statistical Report

We praise God for the following statistical report for Just Claim It 4

Advertising/Promotional/Informational Stats:
JCI Pre Planning/Training Sessions in Miami – 10
JCI Teleconference Planning Calls - 8
Brochure Distribution – 40,000
Post Cards/Posters – 20,000
&Union Mailings - 5
Church Mailings 5500 x 3

Event Stats:
Outreach Projects – 16
Beaches Cleaned - 10
Churches connected to Projects - 15
Outreach Participants (JIC) - 470
Hours of Service by Youth – 1,645 hours
CI Workshops/Training Sessions – 7
Number of Workshops - 86
General Sessions – 7
Speakers – 10
Musical Guests – 16
Orchestra Members 60
Mass Choir Members 80
Drama Production – 1
Exhibitors – 37
Volunteers – 137
Volunteers from Greater Miami Academy (exceptional contribution) – 62
Volunteers from Mt. Olivet Junior Academy (exceptional contribution) - 8
Official Delegate Attendees – 875
Sabbath Attendance – 3800
Conference/Union Directors – 41
GC Officials in attendance – 3
NAD Administrators in attendance – 4
NAD Department Directors in attendance - 8
JCI Offerings/Donations - $5000+
Children's Church – 105 Children
Hotel Room Nights - 1375
Meals – 2600
Garden of Gethsemane Entries/ Anointing & Communion – 275
Altar Call Respondents – Approximately 600
"Living It Friday" 250 Tshirts/Hats Giveaways
Security Guards – 8
Transportation Buses – 10
Vans – 4
JCI Debriefing Sessions - 3

Media/Comunications Stats
Twitter: 420 tweets, 118 followers, 22 contributors, 50 retweets, #jci4 hashtags: 1,112, Estimated reach 15,160 - Exposure 32,707 (stats -
Facebook : Likes: 607 - FB Photos: 490, FB interactions during the event: 359
JCI Daily/Event Wrap-up Vimeo Video views: 434
Instagram followers: 109 Instagram posts 147
Live Stream Stats – 4,456 streamed programs / 294 GB streamed data

Ignition Young Adults Conference – Stats
- Organizers - 6
- 300 general attendees
- 8 Sessions
- 10 Speakers
- 1 Special Presentation – Young Adult Life Initiative
- Debriefing Session – 1

Adventist Christian Fellowship – Florida International Univ.
- 10 staff members – Day & Evening meetings
- 20 FIU students participated
- 10 Greater Miami Academy students led evening worship
- 80 - 100 people came through the Creation Health Expo
- 80 in attendance during the evening meeting
- 250 burritos given away during evening meeting
- 1 iPad given away during evening meeting
- hundreds of fliers and health expo handouts distributed
- 200 ACF T-shirts were given away at the ACF booth
- 50 ACF Thumb Drives were given away at the ACF booth
- 200 ACF Fliers were distributed from the ACF booth
- 200 ACF INSTITUTE Fliers were given away at the ACF booth
- 5 ACF Campus Catalyst Kits given to conference youth leaders - ACF booth
- 20 ACF Quick Start Guides, 20 Journey Bible Study Guides, 50 Resurrection booklets given at the ACF booth

In Closing

With YPAC 2014 and JCI4/Ignition2014 behind us and JCI5, International Camporee, Impact (General Conference) and so much more ahead of us, we are truly grateful to God for His CONTINUED leading in our lives and ministries.


Pastor JB
North American Division
Youth & Young Adult Ministries Director


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