Committee Minutes

The NAD Youth Department meetings annually to discuss the business, create or realign priorities and focii, and develop resources, initiatives, and events for the following Ministries:

Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) -- a Ministry to Adventist students on secular college campuses

Adventurers -- an organization of kids age 4 - grade 4 (and their parents) who discover God in a family environment through hands-on nature, crafts, the Bible, and worship activities.

Camp -- There are over 40 Summer Camps and Retreat centers for kids, families, weekend retreats, and outdoor education

Master Guide -- Leadership training for all aspects of Youth ministry

Pathfinders -- a scout-like organization of young people grades 5 - 12 who are led to discover God through camping, honors, investiture achievement, Pathfinder Bible Experience, and other activities

Young Adult Ministries -- church-based ministries, social networks, and events that minister to collegiate to 30-somethings young adults

Youth Ministries -- church-based ministries that provide a social and religous atmosphere for teens

YPAC Leadership Committee Information 2015 Lincoln Nebraska

Youth Directors and Associates as well as Committee / Focus Group members can find a lot of helpful information for the upcoming YPAC (NAD Youth Ministries Department) Meetings in Lincoln Nebraska, March 6-10, 2015.


REGISTRATION: YPAC Task Force, Committee and Summit




IMPORTANT! Committee Structure Explanation


Terms of Reference / Official Committee Members:


2014 YPAC Committee Agenda/Minutes

Please consult the following documents during and after the 2014 YPAC Leadership Meetings in Miami FL, February, 2014.

Read more: 2014 YPAC Committee Agenda/Minutes

2013 YPAC Committee Agenda/Minutes

Please consult the following documents during and after the 2013 YPAC Lincoln meetings, March 7-14, 2013.

Read more: 2013 YPAC Committee Agenda/Minutes

2012 Committee and JCI Convention Schedule


Just Claim It / Ignition / Leadership Summit meets March 7-11, 2012, but leadership from around the North American Division are meeting March 3-6 to work together to provide resources and direction for various ministries.


If you serve on a committee and thus are attending Pre-meetings -- Download the Convention Schedule


If you are participating in JCI/Ignition/Summit -- Download the Convention Schedule


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